Injury Protocol

    Slips and Falls on the Curling Ice All members should be aware of the inherent risk involved with the game of curling. 
    That being said, the Management Team of Westmount Golf & Country Club would like to make you aware of certain policies pertaining to someone who slips and/or falls on the curling surface. 
    • If there is ANY CHANCE that a person’s head came into contact with the ice surface, DO  NOT move this person. Keep them calm and in place until a trained individual can come  assess the person and the situation. This is done to prevent a head, neck or back injury.   The trained person will decide to call EMS. 
    1. If the qualified person decides to call EMS, the injured person cannot decline  the call for an ambulance. 
    2. The EMS personnel will further assess the situation.  After the EMS  assessment, the injured person has a choice to travel or may choose not to  travel by ambulance to the hospital. If the choice is not to travel by  ambulance they may be asked by EMS to sign a waiver. 
    3. If the injured person wishes to travel by other means than EMS to attend the  emergency department, then Westmount will be responsible to provide  alternate transportation for this injured person. A volunteer driver or paid  transportation (taxi) will be offered to the injured person. 
    4. In the event that the injured person loses consciousness at any time, even  briefly, EMS will automatically be called for further assessment and  professional emergency care. 
     Approved by the Board of Directors November 7, 2017 Page 2 of 2
    • Any curler who falls on the ice surface should be checked by a trained member,  regardless of whether or not they struck their head on the ice. Broken bones, cuts  and displacements are just some of the injuries that may result in coming into  contact with the ice surface. Please let a trained member assess the situation. 
    • An AED or defibrillator is located on site.  It is located in a case, mounted on the wall to  the right of the curling bar. Some members and staff at Westmount Golf & Country Club  have received training on the procedure and protocol for using this unit. Emergency  blankets are located in the storeroom beside the curling rink. If you have any questions,  please feel free to approach Club Management. 
    Please take care on the ice, and we ask that you honour our procedures. 
    Note:  Trained individual refers to any member or staff who is current or has had previous first aid training.
    Safety Tips: • Always step onto ice with your gripper-foot first. • Be aware of what’s happening on your sheet of ice and the sheets closest to you. 
    It is strongly recommended that all curlers wear hard-shelled helmets with chin straps securely fastened. This recommendation is especially important to consider for the higher risk groups such as individuals over the age of 65, juniors, and new curlers.

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